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Iftiin Medical Clinic, Kenya!

This year 2nd grade had the pleasure of raising money for the Iftiin Medical Clinic in Kenya, East Africa.  This was a project supported our Economics unit in Social Studies as well as contributing to our Global Awareness with in our school district. 

The Iftiin Family Clinic in Kenya, East Africa was established to meet the minor medical needs of refugees and their children.  All of the proceeds we raised as a 2nd grade team and school will be applied to basic medical supplies as well as making sure no Iftiin patients goes untreated due to financial restriction. 

We kicked off this year-long fundraising in December by making “Cards for Kenya.”  These cards were hand-made by our 2nd graders based upon a set of real cards that Mrs. Staples brought into show our class.  She graciously donated them to us so we could work on these pieces of art to sell.  We made $212!

In February, all second grade classes put together “Candy Grams for Kenya.” We sold each candy gram for $.50 each and we grossed $345.07 to give to the Iftiin Medical Clinic!

After 2 major fundraisers and a lot of hard work our 2nd graders with the help from our Waxhaw Wolves made a total $583.80 to send to the Iftiin Clinic!

We shared our success with Mrs. Kimberly, founder of the Iftiin Medical Clinic.  She responded with, “Wow!  Thank you so much!   I am so humbled that your 2nd graders worked so hard to raise these funds for our clinic.  I will use these funds to purchase equipment for the clinic and materials needed for the clinic.  Thank you again for the great effort and opportunity you have given me to share with these kids about Nairobi and refugees!”

Written by: Tiffany Brown - Second Grade Teacher
Posted: Jun 09, 2015 by Eric Doan

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