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PR goes global: Adi visits

Social Studies teacher Kat Smith and her guest speaker Adi Rodavsky.

As a part of her World History and Holocaust classes this semester, Social Studies teacher Kathryn Smith invited Adi Rodavsky to come to PR and spend the day speaking to her students.

Rodavsky is an Israeli citizen and teacher there.  Her full job title is Community Shlicha, Israel Emissary. She got the opportunity to live in the United States for a year to teach American children about Israel. In Smith’s classes, Rodavsky taught the history and culture of Israel as well as tried to help students understand the Israeli Palestinian Conflict a little bit better.

When asked about her guest speaker's visit, Smith commented, “Adi has a unique teaching style that captivates high school students. She presents in a non-biased way, and she encourages students to challenge what she is teaching-don't just listen to her presentation, but go beyond the presentation and research the topic even more. It is important for students to think critically about what they hear and read, especially in today's society when we are so quick to believe what we read. Most of these students will never have the opportunity to go to Israel; therefore, it's nice when we can bring a bit of the Israeli culture to Porter Ridge.”

Written by: Faith Dumais, 12th grade student
Posted: Jun 09, 2015 by Regina Snelson

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