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Shiloh reads at home!

Shiloh loves to read!

Research has shown that students who read at home, either during the year or in the summer, increase their reading skills and abilities. In fact, the NC Department of Public Instruction  in its “Summer Reading Tips for Parents” document states the following:  “Research has shown that students who do not have access to quality reading materials over the summer are more likely to lose valuable literacy skills while they are away from the classroom.”

At Shiloh, we don’t want that to happen! Therefore, we wanted to provide you with some suggestions for reading at home, and also since the summer is now here.  Here are some suggestions to encourage your children to read at home:


1- Do you have older children at home?  Encourage them to read to your children who attend Shiloh. Everyone loves being read to, even by siblings!

2- Allow your children to see you reading. As your child’s role model, allowing him/her to see you reading will help to encourage and nurture a love of reading in your child.

3-Encourage a “cool down” time for reading right before your child goes to bed. Even if it’s 20 minutes before bedtime, this is a great way to work in reading.

4-Is your child a musician? A soccer player? An artist? Find whatever it is that interests your young Shiloh student and then provide reading material on that subject for him/her.

5- Make reading materials available around your home for your child. The more books, magazines, etc., that are left around the house, the higher the chances are that s/he will read them!

6- Go to a Union County Public Library, or any library, over the summer. Expose your child to the wonderful and exciting world of a library.

7-Ask your child questions about something that they are reading. Your questions could include the following: “Why do you think the author wrote this story? Is there a lesson we are supposed to learn from this story? What did you learn from the story?” Also, be sure to ask your child to give you an oral summary of whatever they are reading. This will help you to check on their comprehension of the text.

8- Use the bookmarks that you received at Shiloh’s two SHOW ME Literacy events with your child. These bookmarks give parents suggestions for how to help your child choose just-right books. If you do not have one of our bookmarks, just give us a call. We will gladly get one to you!

9-Keep a close eye on your child’s video game and TV time. Remember to set aside time for reading!

10- Point out all the examples of reading that are around you when you ride in a car, travel, etc. This includes road signs, maps, brochures, and even websites for certain locations. Point out the reasons for which we read: for pleasure/entertainment, for informational purposes, for persuasion, etc.

Remember- the more you read, the more you’ll know. Thank you for your support as Shiloh continues to encourage reading at home!

Written by: Scott Spencer, Principal
Posted: Jun 11, 2015 by Mark Greene

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