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Shiloh supports and thanks our Teachers!

Shiloh’s EC and Guidance Team works and plans together regularly.

Greetings, Shiloh community! This is Mr. Spencer informing you that our school remains committed to maintaining our high expectations and strong  academic standards for all of our students. We have worked with teams of teachers over the past several days to plan for an even better school year in 2015-16. The administrative team at Shiloh follows the philosophy of continuous improvement, and we will continue to work hard to be an even better school tomorrow than we were yesterday.

One area that we have focused on is inviting the public to our school to see the great things that are going on each day at Shiloh. Along those lines, over the past four years Shiloh’s Exceptional Children’s Department has hosted annual informational sessions for any interested Shiloh parents! The events have been communicated to the Shiloh community through the school website, flyers, and  through Blackboard Connect phone messages. When Mr. Spencer originally approached the EC team with the idea of hosting a parent session almost four years ago,  he was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. “I am so proud of our EC team and the way that they took on the responsibility for organizing this event for our school community. From the very beginning, the EC team worked together to create an informative and professional presentation for our parents in attendance,” he is quoted as saying in September, 2011 after the first parent session.

Mr. Spencer states that the EC Team has consistently demonstrated that they go above and beyond each day to not only meet the needs of their students, but also to keep parents informed about their program. During these sessions, members of our EC team each took turns presenting information to those in attendance to help explain what they do each day. These members included our EC Resource Teachers, our Speech and Language Pathologist, our Guidance Counselor, our EC Pre-K Teacher, our Occupational Therapist, and a UCPS School Psychologist.  The following topics were each addressed during the meetings: the role of our Intervention Team, the EC referral process, testing results meetings and how/when IEPs are written, the role of the School Psychologist, the role of the Speech/Language Pathologist, the role of the Occupational Therapist, EC Preschool information, and information about the 504 team.

The EC team met frequently before each of these events to plan and ultimately create very useful and detailed PowerPoint presentations for parents. Their hard work and dedication to Shiloh’s families certainly paid off. As Jessika Guzman, Shiloh’s SLP, stated after one of the parent nights: “This was a great way for us to build positive relationships with the school community.” Parents received handouts at the meeting that listed not only the agenda for the meeting but also a listing of additional resources should they have any questions.

The EC team plans to continue their new tradition of parent informational sessions in the coming years to keep open these great lines of communication. In the meantime, parents who have any questions about our EC Department are welcome to call the school with their questions at 704-296-3035.

For a video slide show of our first Shiloh EC Parent Night, please click here:


For links to previously published articles on these EC informational nights on our website, please click the following:



Shiloh recognizes and thanks the following distinguished guests for attending and supporting our EC Parent informational sessions over the past few years: former UCPS Assistant Superintendent  Dr. Denise Patterson, UCPS Assistant Superintendent for Auxiliary Services Dr. Jefferies, former UCPS Director of Elementary Education Dr. Bulla, UCPS EC Program Specialist Mrs. Kroboth, and UCPS Director for Exceptional Children Mrs. Janie Webb.


Written by: Scott Spencer, Principal
Posted: Jun 12, 2015 by Mark Greene

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