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Shiloh welcomes Mr. Arredondo to our Splash team!

My name is Francisco Arredondo Cerda.

My name is Francisco Arredondo Cerda. I am from Santiago, a huge city, which is the capital of Chile with a population of 6 million people approximately. In this city I obtained my degree in “Teacher of English as a second language.” From that on, I have been teaching the language for 4 years, working exclusively in elementary education. I have had the experience to educate learners from different cultures who have chosen my country as a place to immigrate such as Colombians, Ecuadorians, Peruvians and Argentinians, transmitting my Chilean culture through the use of a foreign language.  

When I was 16 years old I discovered that teaching was my passion, as I used to help my classmates to learn what I had experienced before. Therefore, I realized that I had the skills and patience to become a teacher.

I love what I do. For me, this has been the decision of my life. Of course, there have been moments in which I have felt very tired and stressed, but that is part of life, and I know that I must be positive, and patient, because what you teach is something that could be a meaningful experience for a child.

In my free time I like to meet my friends, to eat out, and listen to Latin rock music. I also like some American and British rock bands, so when I have the chance to attend  a concert, this is a must for me.

Thank you

Written by: Francisco Arredondo Cerda, Kindergarten SPLASH teacher
Posted: Aug 12, 2015 by Mark A. Greene

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