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Sun Valley High School Hosts 9/11 Luncheon

Micky. "Remember." 10 September 2006. Available under a Creative Commons Attribution license. 27 August 2015. Web. https://www.flickr.com/photos/emzee/240012230/in/photostream/

Mr. Anderson's English IV classes, in conjunction with NJROTC, will be hosting a 9/11 luncheon on Friday, September 11th at noon. Sun Valley High School feels that it is very important to honor our local firefighters, law enforcement officers, and EMS personnel on such an important day in our nation's history. It is hard to believe that on September 11th, 2001, New York City lost 343 firefighters in one of the worst terrorist acts of all times. Mr. Anderson commented, “As someone that travels to NYC frequently, I see ‘Never Forget’ and ‘343’ on many of the fire trucks there. It is equally important for us on a local level to ‘never forget’ the sacrifices that our local law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS workers make every day to serve us.”

Mr. Anderson’s students are reading Beowulf, and they are discussing the characteristics of the epic hero. Ironically, many of these traits apply to our modern day heroes. It is very common to hear on the news today about an extraordinary deed one of our firefighters performed to save a life. Police officers and EMS workers are also consistently in the news for heroic acts. Sun Valley High would like to encourage everyone in our local community to "thank" these public safety officials on September 11, 2015, for all they do to serve our community. We look forward to hosting a luncheon to honor these men and woman of today, and remember those that lost their lives as the Twin Towers in NYC came crashing down. Hopefully, the next time you see "343" on a fire truck, you will take a moment to think about the families that lost so many loved ones on September 11th, 2001.

Written by: Gary Anderson, English teacher
Posted: Aug 27, 2015 by Carrie Mabry

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