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Who's New in 2015!

UCEC is happy to welcome the newest member of our staff, Mr. Peter Esser. Mr. Esser is our Desktop Support Engineer, which means Mr.Esser helps students with all of our computer problems, both software and hardware. Before switching over to education in 2011, Mr.Esser had a professional background in broadcast television, and was also an account executive for cable media sales. He worked for one of the biggest broadcasting companies before switching over to education, which was NBC. He worked on many big shows,such as The Cosby Show and Saturday Night Live.

Mr.Esser describes UCEC as a place where he feels gifted to work with a very diverse group of students and an amazing faculty. When asked about how he felt about UCEC, Mr.Esser replied, “From the moment I arrive on campus until the end of the day, I am enthused and energized by the students engagement and the outstanding work they do at UCEC.” Mr.Esser is thrilled to be at UCEC, and is looking forward to an exciting year with the students and the staff. Welcome to UCEC!

Written by: Austin Tate and Luis Barrios
Posted: Aug 31, 2015 by Mandy Bell

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