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Kindergarten Time

Kindergarten students are learning all the right moves at Rocky River and how to be an engaged student in their classrooms.  They are beginning the journey of learning about the 7 habits. 

Mrs. Dunn’s class showed me how they should walk in the hallways quietly and on their space facing forward.   They also shared some of their learning for their first day of kindergarten.   Follow rules, set in your seat, listen, put your things in the right spot and about their special class today “art” where they used their favorite color. 

Mrs. Kaupp’s class was learning how to write the date and their name in their problem solving notebooks.   They then glued down a strip of paper where there was a problem to solve.  They were trying their best!

Going back into the hallway I came upon another group of students showing their best hallway behavior.   They actually looked like they had been in school many days. Mrs. Beane's class had been out being readers around the school.  While visiting in the classroom the students shared their learning from this morning.  They had been out taking a walk and seeing signs they could read.  They had read signs for “exit” and “fire” on their own so they “were readers”.  They had to first look, then think, and then read the signs/words.  As the class settled into their personal spot on the carpet the students were showing how to set in groups on the carpet with hands in lap and crisscross.   During reader’s workshop time they used some really big words like author, illustrator and character in describing the person in the story.   As they listened to Mrs. Beane’s favorite book Knuffle Bunny by Mo Williams they talked about the author and illustrator of the book.   They had a fun time saying illustrator.

Kindergarten’s enjoyed lunch time and especially recess they said, “It was fun.  I was running.” “It was hot.”  “ I’m tired.”  Many told me they had been running, jumping, sliding and chasing each other around the playground.  New friendships were started in kindergarten classrooms. “Kindergarten is fun!” 

Written by: Brenda Todd - Global Studies/21st Century Skills/Technology Teacher
Posted: Aug 31, 2015 by Brenda Todd

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