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Kindergarten’s global study of houses!

Pictured: Jasmin McLaughlin (left) and Millie Baucom (right) look at houses around the world in “Houses and Homes” by Ann Morris.

Shiloh Kindergartners recently finished a study of houses, which began with reading “The Three Little Pigs.” Kindergartners enjoyed acting out the story, taking on the voices of the Wolf and each of the Pigs. After reading the story, children discussed the materials used to build the houses: straw, sticks, and bricks, and made conclusions as to why the bricks were stronger. Students then looked at pictures of some of their own houses and explored other materials used in making houses.  The kindergartners had fun comparing their houses with their classmate’s houses. They counted windows, doors, bushes and trees; they looked for garages and wreaths on the doors. They also looked for bricks on the exterior of their house, to see if their houses were made of bricks.

This exploration turned global, as children looked at pictures and read books about houses across the world, and learned about the materials used to make each house. In some places, houses are made with clay, plants and leaves. We learned a lot of new vocabulary through our exploration of houses, such as: cottage, farmhouse, hut, apartment, castle, yurt and cottage. We even found some of the locations of these homes on our world map. Our kindergartners had fun studying houses.

Written by: Patricia Livesey, Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: Sep 01, 2015 by Mark A. Greene

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