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Sun Valley High School is offering a new academy this year: Honors Aerospace Engineering.  This is a program in partnership for Advanced Careers with SREB (Southern Regional Education Board).  It has a curriculum with four different semesters of Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautics applications.  This level one class is being offered with a focus on 3-D Software creating airplane seats.  Other projects include kite design, propulsion (rockets), wing design, and how payloads affect flight.  This class is being taught by Mr. Bill Vivian, who is certified in these classes, and this course is only offered in the state at this time by Sun Valley High School.  Are you interested in flying along?

Students have started the research phase of their Project #1 assignment.  The first of 6 projects is to design a pilot seat frame.  All students are in groups of 4 or 5 engineers and have designated their team jobs such as leader, secretary, timekeeper, process checker, etc.  Teams have completed and signed a contract that addresses how they will handle disagreements, conflicts, and absences.  The only constraint students have been given thus far is that the seat is for a corporate jet.  The rest of the decisions are in the hands of the students.  They are deciding on their budget, materials, design structure, size and gender of the intended pilot(s), etc.

Project #1 will take close to 9 weeks to complete.  This project includes learning Cornell note taking strategies, citing sources in APA format, presenting their design through an engineering sketch and a CAD design program, keeping an engineering style notebook, testing and improving their design, printing final products using a class 3D printer, and an oral presentation using technology for visual aids.  The project includes numerous math, science, and English content standards.

Written by: Bill Vivian, Career and Technical Education teacher
Posted: Sep 01, 2015 by Judy Davis

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