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Administration Addition

This school year at UCEC, we are happy to introduce Mr. Pusser, our new assistant principal! Though Mr. Stewart will be missed, Mr. Pusser has shown great enthusiasm for becoming a big part of UCEC. Do not doubt Mr. Pusser’s excitement for being part of the UCEC family. After being asked how he feels about coming to our school, he said, “I’m thrilled to be here,” and this thrill is made apparent daily with his constant smiling face! Being the student-oriented administrator that he is, he added, “I think it’s a great opportunity for students!” He also mentions that his favorite part of UCEC is the fact that the small number of students creates a family atmosphere, which he greatly appreciates!

Before coming to UCEC, Mr. Pusser was an assistant principal at both CATA and Sun Valley High School. Prior to coming to Union County, he worked in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System as a band director. He has completed Union County's ‘Growing Leaders From Within’ program and hopes to eventually become a principal in the future.

Another interesting tidbit of Mr. Pusser is that he is a total Disney fanatic! Stop by his office sometime and take a look at his collection, which he expands with his twice yearly trips to Disney World. We along with all the students are very happy to have him at UCEC, along his Disney paraphernalia. Welcome, Mr. Pusser to Union County Early College

Written by: Santiago Bonilla
Posted: Sep 03, 2015 by Mandy Bell

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