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Listening and Learning in Second Grade

In second grade we are working hard during the morning time using our listening and learning skills.  During this time we are building background knowledge and vocabulary skills to help our students’ listening and reading comprehension.  We just started a new unit on Early Asian Civilizations.  The students are learning about the early civilizations of India and China and how they were able to form because of mighty rivers.  We are learning new vocabulary words during the lesson each day and then we are challenging our students to use those words throughout the day and at home.  There has been a lot of excitement when students are able to use their new vocabulary words during conversations with each other and also when they see them in books that they are reading!  We are also learning about how to read tricky words by learning a lot of different strategies that we can use.  We are applying these skills during our independent reading time.

During a recent visit to some 2nd grade classes the students were so engaged with listening and learning while using their new vocabulary.  They made connections and gave examples as they prepared to hear about a folk tale from Asia having a character who was a trickster.  They were enjoying hearing these read alouds while noticing and using new vocabulary.

During math time we are becoming measuring leaders.  The students have had a lot of fun measuring different things in our classroom and learning about centimeters and meters.  Using a measuring tape to measure things is so much fun!  We are also continuing to use our problem solving skills every day and use a variety of methods to solve word problems. 

In the afternoon we are doing skills lessons.  During this time we are learning the sounds that letters, blends, and digraphs make.  We are discovering how often these sounds are used in our everyday language.  There is also a time for us to practice our dictation skills.  This is a time where we really concentrate on our handwriting and make sure that we are forming our letters correctly.  We also get to have readers that have funny stories and have our spelling words in them.  It is great seeing our spelling words used in stories that we read every day.  In a couple of weeks we are going to start learning how to write narratives.  The second grade teachers look forward to seeing these young writers’ narrative pieces.

Written by: Shelley Lukjanczuk (2nd grade teacher) and Brenda Todd
Posted: Sep 14, 2015 by Brenda Todd

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