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Kindergarten Learning Centers

Kindergarteners will be learning a lot during this new school year! One of the ways Kindergarteners learn best is through center work.  During the Reader’s Workshop block of time, Kindergarteners will be engaged in learning through the reading, writing, alphabet, listening, science and global centers.

In the reading center, students have a chance to read familiar favorites and respond about their favorites parts of the book. In the writing center, students learn to write words and sentences and even write stories. In the alphabet center, students learn to match up capital and lowercase letters, letters and sounds and sequencing alphabet letters as well as word family activities. In the listening center, students get to listen to some of their favorite stories being read to them and respond to their favorite part of the story. In the science center, students learn more about topics related to the unit of study they are working on during the Science block. For example, they might sequence pictures of the order in which a plant grows. Finally, in the global center, students learn about countries around the world like South America and how they compare to the United States. Kindergarteners will be busy, busy, busy this year learning all they can during a favorite time of the day called “Center Time!”

Written by: Shawna Greene - Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: Sep 16, 2015 by Jennifer Williams

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