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Using Yoga Balls instead of chairs in the classroom!



 Hi, this is Lillie Redmond, Dillon McKee, Megan Wadsworth, Cooper Hyatt, and Sarah Miller from Ms. Mueller and Ms. Rochefort’s class. We are doing a report on our yoga balls that we use as chairs in our classrooms.

 They help us a lot. They enable us to move freely, because our bodies naturally move anyways. We are more focused on doing your work than staying still. Our test scores have increased since we got the yoga balls, and we have better reading stamina. There are fewer distractions if you use them correctly, and they relieve stress. “I noticed I’m getting out of my seat less often than before and I’m logging more pages that I’ve read in my reading journal than before” says Keyera Funderburk. Hailey Pearce says “They make us more peaceful!” It is more comfortable than the flat surface of a chair also.” They are very comfy!!!” says Caiden MacFarlane. When you put them up to leave, if they fall, they don’t hurt anybody.

        In conclusion they are awesome, very comfortable, and safer than chairs and they are green…!    


This message is approved by awesome fifth graders!

Written by: Gina Chisum - Assistant Principal
Posted: Sep 16, 2015 by Gina Chisum

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