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CHS Student Council Off to a Strong Start

The CHS Student Council held a retreat on August 4 and 5 in which their members bonded and improved on their leadership skills. Their goal was to prepare for upcoming events and ideas for the school year. Students played games, planned fall events, and got to know one another so they could have a fun and great school year. Classes planned future events and brainstormed fundraisers for the year. Students were very productive throughout the retreat, which included planning Homecoming week, putting dates on the calendar, and preparing for the NCASC Western District Conference on November 14 at CATA.

“The retreat was very helpful outlining all the activities and fundraisers for the year. We also got to break our boundaries and bond close with one another. As a whole, I believe the retreat brought everyone together and set up the council for a great year,” said Ryan Hardwick, 11th grade representative.

All 10th through 12th grade officers and representatives took part in the retreat activities. Club sponsors Karen Ponikvar and Kate McAteer assisted the Student Body officers, Anna Martinez (President), Olivia Morton (Vice President), Erin Kelly (Secretary), and Jada Dillner (Historian) in running the retreat. The Student Body Officers and Advisers felt like early preparation for the year would be beneficial for the students. This year their goal is to stay organized, to have fun, and to help each member become a better leader in our school and community!

“One of our goals for this year is to create a bond between the student body and faculty that creates a fun and positive atmosphere. I think that this year is going to be one of the greatest years our school has ever seen,” said Savannah Davidson, 10th Secretary. 

All members this year want to increase participation and make sure that our community knows about the events we are hosting.

“We had an incredible retreat and a great turn-out. This year I want to focus on getting students more involved, and I also want our club to be more involved in community service events,” said Avery Wiggs, 11th grade President.

Student Council wants to make sure the bonding carries on throughout the year; they have many plans this year for bonding and to get to know one another even better. The students believe that they each have unique personalities that can always work together and complete tasks on time. The retreat set the pace because everyone was so excited to get to know one another.

“I had such a good time at the retreat and was blown away by how upbeat and enthusiastic everyone was for the upcoming school year. I’m thrilled that we all want to make our school a better place!” said Ainsley Schmidhausler, 11th grade Representative. It is clear that Student Council believes this year will be one of the best that CHS has ever seen!

Written by: Erin Kelly, CHS senior / Student Council Secretary
Posted: Sep 18, 2015 by Paula Tautfest

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