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The Genes in Our Jeans

Have you ever wanted to know what makes you, you? Two things do!  Everyone is born with certain traits that are called inherited traits. You get these from your birth parents. That is why you may have curly hair or freckles. Your experiences also make you who you are. These things are called acquired traits. They can be things like learning how to ride a bike or play an instrument or even getting a scar!

We are all related because we have some things that are the same like two eyes and two ears but we are different because we have different color skin and eye color. Each one of us has our own special code that is determined before we are even born. It is each one of the two trillion cells we are made of.

Take a good look at your family. Where did you get your nose?

Written by: Mrs. Geisinger's Fifth Grade Class
Posted: Sep 21, 2015 by Blair Austin

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