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Reading is Power! Knowledge is Power!

Students in Mrs. Harlow’s third grade class have been reading books with the theme that “reading is power” and “people overcome many challenges to get the power of reading.” They have been learning about how people around the world overcome physical and personal challenges to get the power of reading.

They know reading gives them brain power and knowledge is power. They have read: The Librarian of Basra,  Thank You, Mr. Falker, Nasreen’s Secret School, Rain School to name a few. On Friday, they were using what they learned from a book called “The Book Eating Boy” to set their own reading goals - you should read the story which is an awesome way to make connections between books and their own lives.

Ryon Coe said: “I think it’s important to set a reading goal so I can get better at reading. My goal is to read slowly and carefully so I can get more knowledge.”

Tristan Smith said: “I learned not to read really fast because everything gets mixed up. It’s important to read slowly because you put the information in your mind.

Erika Slone said: “I want the power of reading because I want to teach at school when I graduate”.


Now they have set these goals they are going to write a letter to someone important to them explaining their goals.  They assessed themselves and thought about their reading stamina. They then used this to set goals. They have written goals and will use this to write paragraph letters with the structure of: Topic, detail, explain, and conclusion. With project based learning the lessons build on each other.  Next week, we are looking at maps of places that have appeared in our books and considering the physical challenges people face.  This fits in with our leader in me program and globalization.


Written by: Sam Harlow (3rd grade teacher) and Brenda Todd -
Posted: Sep 21, 2015 by Brenda Todd

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