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Expanding education: new class offered at PR

New Automotive teacher William Books

Porter Ridge is excited to introduce a new class this year: Introduction to Automotive Service. This new class provides students with a foundation for continuing into the Automotive Academy that can lead to becoming a certified mechanic. 
Intro to Automotive offers information about the basics of auto maintenance. In class the teacher and students discuss real life scenarios and problems encountered when automobiles break down. Lectures and small labs are also used to teach the material. Junior Bradford Edwards stated, "The class helps me with what will be real life situations. I’m excited to learn more about what it takes to be a mechanic."
Students aren't the only ones excited for this new class; the teacher William Books is impressed with UCPS offering new classes. "I am glad schools have decided to adopt new classes as well as this class and to go even further to offer more knowledge to their students." 

Career Development Coordinator, Tyna Gautreaux, added,"UCPS has implemented career academies in our system that allow students to have hands on experience and earn industry certifications.  Our students can be ready for the workforce when they graduate and that is a really exciting thing for our community!"
With the implementation of new classes and academies, PR is offering students many career opportunities.  More information about the UCPS academies can be obtained by visiting Gautreaux in her office E201 or by reading about them in the UCPS Program of Studies. 

Written by: Rachel Windeknecht - 12th grade student
Posted: Sep 22, 2015 by Regina Snelson

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