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Time Travel

Ms. Borbas’ class has traveled back in time to about 12,000 years ago to begin their journey through history to present day North Carolina.  They began by using some imagination to envision what the land surrounding us was like.  They erased images of tee-pees and bows and arrows with lots of horses.  They became nomads.  They divided into three groups of Native Americans and traveled as a group from location to location trying to discover how they lived and how they interacted with other tribes.  They considered the various reasons they would move from area to area to better understand what life was like.

As usual, time has moved forward on the timeline by about 7,000 years and people have begun to settle into villages changing the way we live.  The tribes are now collecting data to understand how food was supplied, clothing provided, and the responsibilities of every tribe member.  They are learning about the long houses, summer homes versus winter homes and the materials used.  They are learning how even children had a responsibility to support the communities to ensure survival.  They are learning the tribes had to depend on each other for everything.  They couldn’t hire someone to build their home and homes weren’t what they are today.  They have had a lot of questions about life so many years ago as they realize how different things were. 

Students are discovering the simplicity of the life yet the complexity of the tribe and the effort put into surviving.  4th grade will be going to visit Town Creek Indian Mound next week to see first-hand how they lived and successfully survived as a community.  Students will have the opportunity to ask the experts about the tools used and the homes they built, about the government structure and the foods they had to eat.  The students will walk through the fort-like barricade designed to protect those living within.  They will see the inside of the homes that were built, the town meeting hall, and the lay-out of the village.  They will learn about the things celebrated and the way they cared for each other.  They will have a demonstration of the types of weapons and hunting tools that were available to use and how these tools changed over time. 

As Ms. Borbas’ class continues through their history unit, jumping down the timeline to about 600 years ago, they will meet the first Europeans in America and how they came to be here.  They will study the impact of the Europeans on the Native Americans and the changes taking place in this ‘New World’.  Who knew time travel could be so interesting with a little imagination.

Written by: Michelle Borbas, 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Sep 23, 2015 by Jennifer Williams

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