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Benton Heights ASP Welcomes Fall with Plants

Deborah Hall shares with students the secrets of plant growing.
Fall is here, and it’s time to spruce up around the house by planting flowers in the yard. The children at Benton Heights After School Program recently had fun learning about plants, flowers, and vegetables. They also learned what plants grow during each season with the help of Mrs. Deborah Hall, group leader at the program.

On the September 23 Teacher Work Day, Mrs. Hall brought in seeds and plants to use as “hands-on” learning. The children had the opportunity to feel and see different types of flower and vegetable seeds. Then Mrs. Hall used a large potted flower to show how the roots of a plant grow and to demonstrate how the children could separate a plant and pot their own flowers. Each child had the opportunity to "get their hands dirty” by putting dirt in cups and planting smaller flowers to take home. Mrs. Hall explained that if they took care of the smaller plant, that the plant could grow back to the size of the original flower from which it came….and the process could be repeated.

Tanita Cox, program coordinator, said, “The children had so much fun and learned so much, but they didn’t even know they were learning!” Not only did the children have fun and learn about plants, they will now have their own mini-gardens to welcome Fall to their homes.

Written by: Karen Smith - Administrative Assistant
Posted: Sep 25, 2015 by Karen Smith

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