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Antioch ASP Plays Survivor

Students race the clock to complete puzzles at "Survivor--Antioch".
It was a day full of fun and games at Antioch After School Program on the last teacher work day, September 25. According to Caroline Miller, program coordinator, "The staff wanted to have a Survivor-style activity for the children because a lot of them watch that show on TV."

The activities included puzzling art projects, a race through the obstacle course that included throwing balls through a tarp that hung from the soccer goal, and completing a puzzle against the clock. The tarp had different shapes cut out of it and the children tried to throw balls through the various shapes. Points were assigned to the shapes depending on the size of the shape related to the ball that was thrown.

The homemade obstacle course consisted of two large puzzles, two floor puzzles that spelled "finished" at the end of the course, the tarp hung from the soccer goal and crawling through the "fence", which was actually yarn.

After all the friendly competition, everyone celebrated with flavored ice. According to Miller, "The biggest hurdle seemed to be the puzzle at the end of the race, but with the support of their teammates, the children rallied to beat the clock." She said that the "fence" was voted as the "Most Favorite" by the children.

The students...and staff..."survived" a great day!

Written by: Caroline Miller and Karen Smith
Posted: Sep 25, 2015 by Karen Smith

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