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New on-line Math Resource

Mrs. Stoner’s class was one of the first to jump into this new math resource. By utilizing the computer lab, students were able to login to their personal accounts and get started very quickly. As students work through the activities, the program provides valuable data for teachers to analyze and use to form small group instruction for both remediation and enrichment opportunities. This is an opportunity for students to enhance their critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as practice their mental computation skills.  “We are excited to implement this highly differentiated math resource for our students. DreamBox will provide our teachers with another layer of data to use to drive instructional decisions,” commented Ms. Sebek.

In the near future, students will bring home their login information so that they can get into DreamBox during afterschool hours. It will be very important to the success of this program and validity of the data for parents to allow students to work on the activities independently at home.

Written by: Karen Dillon, District Instructional Content Facilitator
Posted: Sep 29, 2015 by Maria Bomfim

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