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Piedmont Middle students honor local law enforcement officers

Students in Lesa Goodman, a seventh-grade communication skills teacher at Piedmont Middle, are on hand as their hand-written letters are delivered to the Union County Sheriff’s Office. Pictured, from left, are SRO Christy Baucom, (seated) Sheriff’s Sgt. Andy Mullis, Assistant Principal Michelle Gray, Principal Tracy Strickland, Chief Deputy Todd Elmore and (far right) Lesa Goodman.

Piedmont Middle seventh graders decided to show local law enforcement officers that they care and appreciate their hard work.

With the help and direction of their teacher, Lesa Goodman, a seventh-grade communication skills teacher at Piedmont Middle, about 325 letters were sent out, written by the entire Piedmont Middle seventh-grade class.

“With the multiple incidences of crimes targeting law enforcement officers throughout our nation, we wanted to show our support and appreciation to our officers who are, in our eyes, patriots,” Goodman said. “Our law enforcement officers definitely love and support our community.”

The letters went to the Union County Sheriff’s Office and Monroe Police Department. The goal was for every officer to receive a hand-written letter demonstrating the students’ appreciation and gratitude.

“I think it was great for the seventh-grade teachers and students of Piedmont Middle to take time out to remember local law enforcement,” said the school’s resource officer, Christy Baucom. “I thoroughly enjoyed reading the letters because these letters showed me how supportive our students are at Piedmont Middle.”

The officers weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the assignment. “I liked this assignment because some officers don't get the thanks they need or deserve,” said Anna Flitz, 13.

“I liked the assignment because it helped me express how I felt about our local law enforcement officers and how they help us,” said Darby Price, 12.

“I felt good about writing to thank someone who I normally would be scared to say ‘hello’ to,” said Hanna Costello, 12.

The idea grew when the school’s seventh-grade language arts teachers decided to focus on the patriotism of local law enforcement officers.

“According to Dictionary.com, a patriot is defined as ‘a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion,’ ” Goodman said.

Students included in their letters anecdotes about local police officers who they have witnessed making a difference in our community.

SRO Baucom arranged for Union County Sheriff’s Sgt. Andy Mullis and UCSO Chief Deputy Todd Elmore to visit the school and accept the students’ letters.

Principal Tracy Strickland and assistant principal Michelle Gray joined Goodman’s class as the letters were delivered.

Written by: Piedmont Middle teacher Karen Barbee and Deb Bledsoe - UCPS Communications Coordinator
Posted: Oct 02, 2015 by Deb Bledsoe

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