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Ranger Cranfill and Smokey the Bear

October 4 – 10 is fire prevention week. On Monday, October 5th Union’s second grade classes got a visit from two very important people to remind us why we all need to be safe with fire.

Ranger Cranfill’s first questions had everyone thinking. He asked, “What is a forest ranger?” and “What is a forest?”   The students had many responses to these questions.  Next, he asked, “Why do we need a forest?” The students replied with various answers including:

  • Trees provide clean air
  • Homes for animals
  • Wood to make pencils, paper, houses and clothing
  • Fruit to provide food

He then asked, “How do people hurt trees?”  The student answers included poisoning them with chemicals, cutting them down and finally fires. 

As we continued to discuss the wildfires in California, he mentioned that he had taken a trip to Alaska to help put out wildfires. 

Union County experiences between 100-150 wildfires each year.  Some causes of these fires included discarded cigarettes, camp fires, farm equipment igniting crops while harvesting, fireworks, trains and unattended burning of leaves.

Ranger Cranfill then told the students that he was now going to show them the number one cause of forest fires.  He produced a mirror and then the students realized the culprit was them. 

Smokey the Bear then entered the classroom to help Ranger Cranfill distribute pencils and activity books to all of the students.  They also provided a poster for the classroom and a book titled” the True Story of Smokey Bear.”  As the dismissal bell sounded, Ranger Cranfill asked his last question for all of us to take home.  He asked, “What can we do to be Smokey the Bear’s friend?”

In the near future, our second grade classes will be writing letters to our international sister school, asking them if they have a character/mascot similar to Smokey.

Written by: Frances Rorie - Second Grade Teacher
Posted: Oct 06, 2015 by Jennifer Williams

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