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Teachers Attend Week Long Math Institute

Math teachers attend training classes


Every student in North Carolina deserves to be taught mathematics by a well-qualified teacher using high-quality materials and instructional strategies that support student learning. That is the impetus for the Partners for Mathematics Learning Project. A workshop for this worthwhile initiative was hosted this  past summer.  376 teacher leaders from every elementary school participated. The purpose of this project is to facilitate the dissemination of the revised 2008 Math Curriculum Standards to teachers in schools across the district in a consistent, focused manner. The training is designed to increase the potential for greater student achievement by increasing teacher content knowledge related to the new Math Curriculum Standards. Using a “train-the-trainer” model, teacher leaders will continue their training over the next two years. Participation in this worthwhile endeavor gives teacher the opportunity to work collaboratively with their colleagues throughout Union County and to ensure consistent, high-quality mathematics instruction for all students.

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