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Skyping in Spanish

Senora Linares and Mrs. Lynch's class skyping with the group from Colorado.

On Tuesday, May 11, Senora Linares and Mrs. Lynch's 3rd grade class sat quietly in the media center of Western Union Elementary School waiting to Skype with Mr. Kaylor Garcia's Spanish class at Pasalt Elementary School in Colorado. At approximately 1:30pm the connection between the two schools was made, and the students from both schools began a Spanish class they would never forget. The conference was directed by Senora Linares and Senor Garcia, and the students were allowed to speak only in Spanish. After introducing themselves, the students began conversing in Spanish. They asked each other questions about their ages, favorite foods, and where they live. They also talked about the colors of the American Flag and what the weather is like in Colorado versus North Carolina. The excitement of the students was apparent as they tried to sit still with smiles spread across their faces. "I liked Skyping, because we were all the way in North Carolina, and they were all the way in Colorado, and we could talk and see each other clearly," stated Jacob, one of the students. Grasyn said "I thought it was cool because we were talking in Spanish, and they could understand us!" Michael also mentioned "we could talk to other kinds and they could understand us and we could understand them even though we were all speaking in Spanish!" All of the students agreed that they would love to Skype again soon.

Written by: Jessica Klutz
Posted: May 17, 2010 by Carrie Johnson

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