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Marvin Elementary AIG 4th Graders Receive Grant

AIG students at Marvin Elementary have been competing in an online math program that is based on the math game 24.  Leesa Martins, the Marvin AIG math teacher and team leader, was awarded a mini-grant for the team from Meredith College.  Students earned stickers by solving math problems.  The average 5th grade student solved over 12,000 math problems while the average 4th grade student solved over 10,000.  That is well over a half million math problems solved.  Wow!  That is a lot of math. 

This earned them recognition from the company that created the game, Suntex, Inc.  The 4th grade team finished first in the state among 4th grade teams while the 5th grade team finished 3rd.  One 5th grade student solved over 45,000 math problems by himself.  He placed number two in the state.  Two Marvin students were the top two finishers among the 4th grade teams.  Another student also placed in the top 5 among 5th graders.

Written by: Cheryl Rabun
Posted: May 20, 2010 by Cheryl Rabun

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