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Camp Learned-A-Lot

Welcome to Camp Learned – A – Lot! The first grade classes spent June 2 - June 4 attending Camp Learned – A – Lot. Each first grade classroom was transformed into a campground full of tents, campfires, lanterns, fishing poles, and other campground décor. 

The students spent their days at camp doing many activities. Campers sang songs, read poems, and listened to camp stories. They went on nature walks and did different crafts and activities. The students learned about insects and nature throughout camp. Campers wrote in their journals each day and reflected about their year in first grade. Care packages were sent into the classroom each day which contained goodies and crafts for the campers.

The first grade campers enjoyed their time at Camp Learned – A – Lot. Camp is a wonderful way to wrap up a successful year in first grade.

Written by: Audrey Gumm, First Grade Teacher
Posted: Jun 14, 2010 by Colleen Salter

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