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Kindergartners Raise $50,000 in Coupons for the Troops

Kindergarten students enjoy a hay ride to celebrate their hard work this year.
Kindergartners in Tiffany Brown’s class at Waxhaw Elementary School have officially started their well-deserved summer vacation. They have mastered their curriculum, made friends and helped the community with a service project supporting the Atsugi Naval Base in Japan. Ms. Brown and former teacher with UCPS, Melissa Yarbrough, joined forces to sort an abundance of coupons in creating this project. Both teachers decided that this would be a wonderful way to support a group of dedicated men and women along with their families overseas.
Brown’s students cut coupons in class two times a week upon arrival to school totaling about 40 minutes a week. They perfected their cutting skills making sure they did not cut off expiration dates and staying on the dotted lines. In total Ms. Brown’s class raised $50,369.95 for the Atsugi Naval Base in Japan. The families in Japan at the navel base grocery stores will use these coupons.
This project does not go without a thank you list. Thank you to Melissa Yarbrough for helping sort, and count totals. Thank you to the WES PTA and Robin Teahl for assisting us in postage overseas. Thank you to Ms. Brown’s 2009-2010 parents that assisted us in sending in coupons as well as the Sun City Carolina Lakes Coupon Club for donating all their unused coupons.

Written by: Mrs. Cheryl Lawrence
Posted: Jun 14, 2010 by Mrs. Cheryl Lawrence

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