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UCPS retires 111 employees with 2,229 total years of experience

Union County Public Schools retiree James “Sonny” Tomberlin, who retired after 30 years of teaching, was one of 111 UCPS retirees honored at Wednesday’s (June 16, 2010) annual retirees luncheon.

One hundred and eleven employees retired from the Union County Public Schools this year, taking with them 2,229 years of experience.

Shellie Rollins, a teacher at Sun Valley High School, who retired after 38.5 years of teaching, was recognized for having the most years of service.

The 111 retirees were honored at a luncheon held at Rolling Hills Country Club Wednesday, (June 16, 2010). Superintendent Dr. Ed Davis said no matter what their role, administrator, teacher, teacher assistant, cafeteria worker, office worker, bus driver or custodian, everyone was a link in the chain that made the school system strong.

“We’re a team, a family,” he said. “You helped create a culture, an environment where students can grow and thrive. I appreciate all of you from the bottom of my heart. All of you are important to the school system.”

Davis said because of the contributions each person had made, the school system could continue to move forward and continue to thrive. “You may be gone, but you’ll certainly never be forgotten. Your contributions will always be important because they’re a building block, not only to what we have been and what we are now, but also what we will be in the future.”

Former UCPS Deputy Superintendent Bill Stegall, who retired last year, entertained the crowd with his renowned sense of humor and advice as to how the retirees should spend their days.

“I’m sure many of you have mixed feelings about reaching this milestone called retirement,” he said. “Those mixed feelings would probably be somewhere between ecstasy and euphoria. But I’m sure along with that is a bit of sadness and apprehension.”

To help curtail that apprehension, Stegall offered 14 suggestions that included establishing and reestablishing friendships, spending time with young people, staying physically active, working in the garden, playing or learning how to play a musical instrument, learning a new skill or enhancing an existing one, reading, relaxing, having fun and enjoying life.

“You have made others’ lives better. Now make yours all it can be,” Stegall said. “Don’t waste time wondering how you could have done more or how you could have done it differently. Give yourself the credit you deserve for all that you’ve done.”

CATA singers

Union County Retired School Personnel co-presidents Nancy Blacka and Carole Williams spoke on the benefits of joining their organization. Students, Brandon Rogers and Peyton Reynolds (at right), from Central Academy of Technology and Arts performed “For Good,” from the Broadway musical “Wicked.”

Following is a list of the UCPS employees who retired between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010:

Ana Akerman, Central Services/EC Dept., Teacher Assistant, 11 years

Suzanne Arnett, Waxhaw ES, Teacher, 7 years

Jean Barnes. Parkwood MS, Teacher, 11.5 years

Debbie Belk, Parkwood MS, Teacher Assistant, 21 years

David Blackwell, Indian Trail ES, Teacher, 7 years

Clarice Blakeney, East Union MS, Teacher, 8.5 years

Nancy Broome, Wingate ES, Teacher Assistant, 20 years

Sonya Brickley, Stallings ES, Teacher, 30 years

John Brown, Porter Ridge MS, Teacher, 27.5 years

Harry Brown, Maintenance, Maintenance Coordinator, 14 years

Alice Brucke, East Union MS, CN Assistant, 30.5 years

Steve Burns, Porter Ridge MS, Teacher, 19 years

Ronald Carey, Transportation/Forest Hills, Bus Driver, 7 years

Zora Carson, New Town ES, Secretary, 8.5 years

Kitty Carter, Sun Valley MS, Teacher, 31 years

Mercedes Cass, Indian Trail ES, Teacher, 20.5 years

Audrey Clontz, Piedmont HS, Bus Driver, 26 years

JoAnn Connell, Piedmont MS, Teacher Assistant, 12 years

Shirley Crowder, Prospect ES, Teacher Assistant, 31.5 years

Nancy Darsey, Rocky River ES, Teacher, 29.5 years

Brenda Davis, Weddington HS, Bus Driver, 28 years

Lisa Davis, Parkwood MS, Teacher, 29 years

James Deese, Central Services, IT Technician, 11 years

Hilda DeRoner, Monroe HS, Media Specialist, 16 years

Bonnie Edwards, Marshville ES, Teacher Assistant, 17 years

George Edwards, Maintenance Dept., Carpenter, 24.5 years

William Farson, Transportation/Marvin Ridge, Bus Driver, 6 years

William Flippen Monroe HS, Teacher, 25 years

Joyce Funderburk, East ES, CN Assistant, 9 years

Reba Funderburk, Unionville ES, Teacher, 31.5 years

Thomas Gaddis, Transportation/Monroe Dist, Bus Driver, 29 years

Mona Gaddy, Forest Hills HS, NCWise Data Manager, 24 years

Mamie Garvin, Prospect ES, Teacher, 30 years

Missey Gay, Weddington HS, CN Assistant, 10 years

Barbara Gimber, Rock Rest ES, Teacher, 21 years

Kathleen Goode, Wolfe, Vocational Training Coord., 30 years

Patricia Gragg, Monroe MS, NCWise Manager, 22 years

Cathy Griffin, Prospect ES, Teacher, 31 years

Phyllis Griffin, Central Services, EC Data Manager, 22.5 years

Mary Harrington, Union ES, Teacher, 5 years

Ann Marie Hassman, Rock Rest ES, Teacher, 6 years

Beverly Helms, Rock Rest ES, Teacher, 17 years

Martha Helms, Sun Valley MS, CN Assistant, 7.5 years

Lynda Herring, Sun Valley MS, CN Assistant, 6 years

Peggy High, Forest Hills HS, Custodian, 12 years

Laura Hildreth, Indian Trail ES, Media Specialist, 30 years

Wayne Hinson, Maintenance Dept., Plumber, 9 years

Mary Holloway, Shiloh ES, Teacher Assistant, 6 years

Patricia Hooten, Sun Valley HS, Media Specialist, 8.5 years

Susan Howie, Parkwood MS, Teacher, 32 years

Charles Humphries, Weddington HS, Teacher, 17 years

Pamela Jack, Walter Bickett ES, Technology Specialist, 31 years

Millicent Johnson, Marshville ES, Teacher, 25 years

Barry Kee, Western Union ES, Custodian, 5 years

Angela Keller, Monroe HS, Teacher 20 years

Sue Kerupetski, Prospect ES, Teacher, 30.5 years

Billie King, Wolfe, Brailist, 17 years

Mary King, Monroe MS, Nurse, 25.5 years

Cora Kiser, Western Union ES, Teacher Assistant, 30 years

Phyllis Klein, Marshville ES, Teacher, 18 years

Laurie Kushner, Weddington ES, Guidance Counselor, 29 years

Pamela Laney, Unionville ES, Teacher, 30 years

Donna Lococo, Weddington HS, Teacher, 7 years

Vickie Lucas, Monroe HS, Teacher, 28.5 years

Deborah Mangum, Wingate ES, Teacher Assistant, 22 years

Glenda Manus, Western Union ES, Bookkeeper, 25.5 years

Ronnie Medlin, Parkwood HS, Teacher, 27 years

Gary McCullough, South Providence, Teacher, 10 years

Barbara McGee, Forest Hills HS, Teacher Assistant, 31.5 years

Sharon McManus, Parkwood HS, CN Assistant, 25.5 years

Nancy Melton, Transportation/Parkwood, Bus Driver, 24.5 years

Thomas Mercurio, South Providence, Teacher, 9.5 years

Linda Merritt, Shiloh ES, Teacher Assistant, 18 years

Melissa Miller, Weddington MS, Teacher, 30 years

Frances Moore, Transportation/Forest Hills, Bus Monitor, 13.5 years

Rosemarie Moore, Marvin ES, Teacher Assistant, 7.5 years

Regina Montenaro, Porter Ridge HS, Teacher, 7 years

Marcia Morey, Sun Valley HS, CN Assistant, 12 years

Sharon Moser, Wesley Chapel ES, Teacher, 30 years

Robert Mosley, New Salem ES, Custodian, 7 years

Shirley Mosley, Western Union ES, CN Assistant, 9.5 years

Connie Nazaruk, Sun Valley HS, Secretary, 15 years

Bobby Nundra, Waxhaw ES, Custodian, 12 years

Eleanor O’Neill, Rock Rest ES, Teacher, 18 years

Billy Parker, CATA, Teacher, 15.5 years

Deborah Parks, Weddington ES, Teacher Assistant, 20.5 years

Elaine Penegar, Transportation/Parkwood, Bus Driver, 7 years

Donna Phifer, Monroe HS, Media Assistant, 13.5 years

Marsha Polk, Antioch ES, Secretary, 20.5 years

Brenda Pressley, Parkwood HS, CN Manager, 28 years

Sheila Pueschel, South Providence, Teacher, 35 years

Bonnie Rape, Prospect ES, Teacher Assistant, 30 years

Dennis Rego, Jr., Porter Ridge HS, Teacher, 35 years

Cynthia Riggle, Early College, Teacher, 16 years

Beth Rogers, Central Services, EC Program Specialist, 31 years

Shellie Rollins, Sun Valley HS, Teacher, 38.5 years

Katherine Roskam, Porter Ridge Middle, School Nurse, 5 years

Robert Rossi, Monroe HS, ROTC Teacher, 17 years

Robert Sellers, Piedmont HS, Teacher, 24 years

Gwen Shealy, Central Services, Secretary, 16 years

Julie Sloop, Marvin Ridge HS, Teacher, 25.5 years

Olivia Stegall, Prospect ES, Media Specialist, 14 years

Geraldine Strawder, Waxhaw ES, Teacher, 25.5 years

Patricia Strickland, Indian Trail ES, Teacher, 33 years

Barbara Taylor, Sun Valley HS, CN Manager, 25 years

Linda Taylor, Marvin ES, Teacher, 24 years

James Tomberlin, Jr., CATA, Teacher, 30 years

Andy Turk, Monroe HS, Teacher, 6 years

Dr. Nancy Turner, Central Services, EC Director, 31 years

Donna Tyree, Wolfe, Bookkeeper, 22 years

Janie Whitley, Porter Ridge MS, Teacher, 30 years

Thelma Williams, Prospect ES, Teacher, 31 years

Written by: Deb Coates Bledsoe, UCPS Communications Coordinator
Posted: Jun 17, 2010 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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