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Welcome to Another Great Year!

WELCOME to another great year at Piedmont Middle!
We are excited about working with you and your student to allow them to experience the ”Piedmont Advantage”. What exactly IS the Piedmont Advantage? The Piedmont Advantage is a bridge to success!

It is important that students exert their best effort in all areas of course offerings and experiences at Piedmont Middle. Students, parents, teachers and administrators also need to understand that open and frequent communication is the key to your student’s success.
Parents, you play a crucial role in your student’s daily success. Please get involved at the school, and make it a point of pride to show interest in your student’s work and encourage them as much as possible. Show your student how much you value education!
We welcome your input and support as we work to create a professional learning community that celebrates the success of learners of all ages. Together, as a team, we will use the Piedmont Advantage to provide opportunities for success for all students.

How can you help your student achieve success?
• Be sure your student attends school regularly
• Value education, and make academics an important part of your family life
• Look over your student’s student agenda and homework nightly
• Encourage your student to read 20 minutes or more per day
• Contact your student’s teacher or Teacher Team with concerns or questions
• Utilize the school website and teacher Moodle pages regularly
• Provide a designated “homework area” that is quiet and distraction free
• Share with your student your expectation of daily excellence at school

As part of our effort of superior communication, we believe that all expectations should be understood in a timely manner by all stakeholders. All students will be expected to carry and use a student agenda, the first of which is provided free of charge. This will aid your student in planning and staying organized, and will provide timely home/school communication between parents and teachers. The agenda also discusses school expectations and the school handbook for you and your student to discuss. Please take time to read this wonderful resource and use it often this year!

Thank you for YOUR support of the Piedmont Advantage!

Written by: Anne Radke, Principal
Posted: Jul 14, 2010 by Mrs. Karen Barbee

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