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A Note From Mrs. Kasell

 Whether you have been hanging around the house, at the Swim and Racquet Club, the beach, or on vacation with relatives, I hope that your summer has been and continues to be enjoyable. Summers should be a time of memory-making and fun for our children. It is our job to make that happen.

As the beginning of the school year draws nearer, you will hear commercials for "Back to School" sales, and the fliers will begin to come in the newspaper for sales on materials and clothing for school. Our school website has a link to the school supplies lists needed for each grade level. Word has it that many of the retail stores are already making final orders for uniforms (for those of you with middle schoolers).

Even if you did not get a list of activities to do from your child's teacher last year, there are some things you can do over the summer with your child:

· Read a book together. Take time to talk about what you read to make sure your child understands what was read.

· Write a journal about what you read. This is something that all students can do no matter what their age is. Journal responses to retell the story, write new beginnings or endings, tell about a favorite character or event and WHY it is a favorite, or pictures of what might happen next.

· Use flash cards to learn multiplication, addition, or subtraction facts.

· Practice telling time on an analog clock (clock with hands).

· Count the extra change in someone's pockets or change purse (with their permission, of course).

· Start a diary or journal about the fun time you are having this summer with your family and friends. Take time to write in it every day.

· PBS Kids, Time for Kids, and numerous other websites are designed especially for children. With your guidance, they can enjoy educational opportunities on the Internet that are free.

· Visit the public library. Books are free for check out-just get them back in time. You may also check out DVD's for free. The late fee is even higher than books, so be extra sure to get those back in on time.

Support your children's learning and their summer time fun by striking a balance. Have a great summer, stay cool, and READ!

Your Principal,
Mrs. Kasell

Written by: Brenda Kasell, Principal
Posted: Jul 27, 2010 by Colleen Salter

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