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1st 6 Weeks Celebrations

1st 6 Weeks Celebrations - October 16, 2009

Awards Assembly - The entire school participated in an awards ceremony where students who had 100% participation on their homework, made the AB honor roll and/or made the A honor roll were recognized. Those students received pins to go on their school lanyards. These pins can be worn all year long to help students remember all of the hard work they have done. Next six weeks the BUG award will be added to the ceremony. This will be for any student who Brings Up Grades.



Hand Painting - Any student who had at least 8 rows of their signature card full of signatures was allowed to paint their handprint on the wall of the school.




Day of Fun - Any student who met the requirement for number of signatures was able to participate in a fun day outside. There were a lot of activities available to them on the playground and in the sports fields. Thank you PBIS team for coordinating this event for the students!



Written by: Jennifer Williams
Posted: Dec 09, 2009 by Jennifer Williams

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