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Help Keep Students with Allergies Safe

Piedmont Middle School has encountered an increase in the number of students identified with life-threatening allergies. Specifically, there are students enrolled at school who have severe reactions to peanuts/tree nuts. Contact with these substances, or traces of these substances, can result in anaphylactic shock, serious injury, or even death within a short amount of time.

Our most difficult task in keeping a student safe from this life-threatening allergy is avoidance. It is difficult to achieve complete avoidance of all allergenic food because they can be hidden or accidentally reduced in sources. Our efforts to reduce a student’s exposure to peanuts/tree nuts must be enhanced within the total school setting so that all students may be safe.

The following are strategies our school has put into place in order to keep students with life-threatening food allergies safe:

• Piedmont Middle requests that peanut and tree nut products not be brought to the school, any school function/activity, or on the bus. However, if a student so chooses to consume peanut/tree nut products it can only be done in the cafeteria during their lunch time and not in the area clearly marked, “Nut-free Zone”.
• Food preparation is peanut-safe. There are no peanut/tree nut products sold through the cafeteria and/or at directly sponsored school functions. However, products must still be read for allergy alerts!
• Piedmont Middle requires that all students refrain from eating and drinking on the bus, in the classrooms, labs, media center, etc. This includes opening of any food container or package.
• Regular hand washing is encouraged at all times.
• Parents that bring food to school for class parties or socials are asked to purchase pre-packaged goods that have the ingredient labels clearly posted and that they contain no peanut/tree nut products or that they have no peanut/tree nut warning.
• Students are requested not to share/trade any food or drinks.

Please know that any student who is identified as harassing, teasing, or aiding in causing harm to any student with an allergy will be disciplined according to the UCPS discipline policy and/or bullying/harassment policy.

Through clear communication, patience, and positive attitude, and friendly determination, we will continue to work together in the Piedmont Cluster as we aim to keep our school safe for all students.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation,


Anne Marie Radke, Principal

Written by: Mrs. Karen Barbee
Posted: Aug 10, 2010 by Mrs. Karen Barbee

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