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The Principal's Paw Print

Brenda Kasell, Principal

A Note From Mrs. Kasell

Dear Weddington Families,
I hope that your children are all off to a great start. It was a lot of work preparing for the school year, with the teachers preparing materials and decorating classrooms for their students. The first days went very smoothly, and the Kindergarteners got through their first full days successfully! Everyone seems happy and excited to be back in school.

Some of you may appreciate a few suggestions regarding organization. It is always a good idea to have a place where your children can work on their homework quietly. If they do not have a desk at which to sit, then perhaps a table will do. Have a place where they can keep extra supplies they may need for homework or school projects in a Rubbermaid container or a shoe box.

Establishing a schedule for coming home, having a snack, enjoying some free time, and then beginning and finishing homework is helpful. Nightly routines of eating dinner and getting ready for bed and reading together can make your evening more pleasant. If your child knows where to do their homework and where to get supplies, and has a nightly schedule, a routine can easily be established.

I know that our students require varying degrees of structure in school as well as at home. Hopefully, you will find at least one of my suggestions helpful. Please let me or any of the staff here at Weddington Elementary know if you need any assistance. We are here to help! Best wishes for a successful school year!

Welcome back,
Brenda Kasell, MSA
Weddington Elementary School Principal

Nut Allergies
There are several students at our school that have been identified with peanut/nut allergies. If there are children that are in your child’s class with an allergy, please do not send items to school with nuts or peanuts. Due to the sensitivity of these allergies, and the fact that in some cases they can be life-threatening, we ask that you please be cognizant of what you send to school with your children. Thank you for your help with this.

Did You Notice?
There are several pictures that were taken on the first day of school at Weddington Elementary School and placed on the Union County Public Schools website. There were no names on the pictures, but our students were the cutest! If you would like to view the pictures that were taken, you may look at the UCPS website, and look at the banners that are located at the top of the page. They change every time you refresh the page.

Curriculum Nights
On Tuesday, September 7th, the Kindergarten teachers will be offering a Curriculum Night for parents only. This is a time when parents can come and speak specifically to their own child’s teacher about what is expected in the classroom. It may require a little more time for Kindergarten than for other grades, since there may be first time school parents. The teachers will be at the school to present information to parents and answer questions.

On Tuesday, September 21st, there will be a PTA meeting in the Gym at 6:30. Curriculum Night will be held on this evening. The Curriculum Night is designed for parents to receive information about classroom expectations, grading, and what students will be learning throughout the year. Since you have already met the teacher, it is not a drop-in Open House, but a presentation for parents that will begin at 6:45, and then again at 7:05 for those of you with more than one child.

Boy and Girl Scouts

On Monday, September 20th, the Girl and Boy Scouts are scheduled to visit Weddington Elementary to present information during the school day so that they can come home and tell you if they are interested in joining the Scouting programs. On September 21st, the Boy Scouts will come back after the Curriculum Night and provide a presentation in the cafeteria for parents of boys. Girl Scouts should sign up at one of the local area sign-up locations given by the Girl Scouts in their brochure.

Grandparents’ Day
Please extend an invitation to your children’s grandparents to have lunch with them on Monday, September 13th. Grandparents’ Day is on Sunday, September 12th, and we would like to give our students a chance to honor them.

Written by: Colleen Salter
Posted: Sep 08, 2010 by Colleen Salter

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