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School wide art project promotes teamwork

Each block is individual, but together we build a whole!

New art teacher, Megan Woods, guided students in creating a school wide mural to promote unity within the school. Arriving the first day of school in a new room, with a new teacher, and new friends can be quite intimidating. The whole adventure offers exciting experiences for students. On the first day of art class, every student was asked to draw a self-portrait. Students identified that a self-portrait means drawing a picture of yourself.

Guided by Ms. Woods, students began drawing their portraits on a 3in by 3in square. Woods said students questioned, "How can I fit my awesomeness on this little, tiny piece of paper?" She encouraged them to do their best because each square was only a part of the whole picture. Surrounded by friends, new and old, each student drew, to the best of their ability, a picture of themselves.

Ms. Woods then collected one portrait from each student in grades 1-5 and got to work putting them together. She decided to position the portraits into the shape of a castle and according to fourth grade student, Savannah Owens, "the castle represents Union Elementary and Majesty." Each classroom is sectioned off by different colors to make it easier to find a familiar face. Third grade student, Hailey Hall said, "All the blocks work together to make the castle." Every self portrait, or block, supports the next to create the castle, a beautiful home where Majesty the Dragon resides!  Each individual student is unique and helps build the character of our school. When we all work together for a great cause, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.



Written by: Megan Woods, art teacher
Jennifer Williams, media coordinator
Posted: Sep 15, 2010 by Jennifer Williams

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