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Rea View Recognized as a UCPS Global Partners School

Starting 2nd from the left: Jennifer Beauregard, Assistant Principal, Rea View Elementary; Donna Cook, Principal, Rea View Elementary; Dr. David Clarke, Deputy Superintendent of Human Resources, UCPS

Rea View Elementary along with forty-two UCPS schools were recognized as UCPS Global Partner Schools at the World View Partners' Day on Friday, August 20 for their efforts to be globally aware.

“They have brought global strategies and global education into their schools,” said UCPS Superintendent Dr. Ed Davis.

The recognitions resulted from the Global Schools Program, which is designed to assure and encourage schools to bring global education to the classroom.

“This is a system where schools can earn points for various things such as travel of staff and students, having cultural awareness days, international days, different strategies and components of their school improvement plan that are designed to promote globalization and global education,” Davis said.

There are four designations: the UCPS International School (needing 75+ points); the UCPS Global Partners School (needing 50-74 points); the UCPS Global Affiliate School (35-49 points); and the UCPS Goodwill Ambassadors School (25-34 points).

Only three schools received the top designation of UCPS International School. Those were Cuthbertson High, Kensington Elementary and New Salem Elementary.

Twenty-seven schools received the Global Partners School designation; eight the Global Affiliate School; and four received the Goodwill Ambassadors School designation. (For a complete list, click here.)

Written by: Deb Coates Bledsoe, UCPS Communications Coordinator

Written by: Diann Harvey
Posted: Sep 15, 2010 by Diann Harvey

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