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Transportation Program Recycles Old Ambulance

Transportation Systems students dismantle ambulance.

Have you ever wondered what could be done with an old ambulance?  Students in CATA's Transportation Systems Academy are answering that question!

Jefferson Pageland Dragway donated an old ambulance to CATA’s Transportation Academy. Students were to originally restore the ambulance but due to the amount of rust inside, Doug Mayhew, Roger Pressley, and Terry Lindey decided to have students recycle the entire ambulance.

Students working in Intro to Transportation will practice tool use and shop safety when disassembling the ambulance. Motor sports students will practice using torches and saws. Carter Buffkin said, “We are learning step by step how to take apart a car and we get to use different tools like the torch, which is a flame that cuts through metal. We are also working in groups which makes the process faster and easier.”

Every bit of the ambulance will go to a Union County recycle center. The Aluminum will fetch a nice price along with the copper wire and steel. All the proceeds will be used in the Transportation Academy to purchase a van to tow the CATA race car.

Daniel Morris supports the effort because he said “The recycling of the metals will allow us to fund our motor sports program.” Ms. Kopchick gives great praise to the academy for recycling!!

Josh Rhodes commented, “Saving the world one ambulance at a time!” Mr. Mayhew added, “The ambulance is still continuing to serve the community. We appreciate this unique opportunity that has been given to us, and we are utilizing every part of this process as a learning experience.”

Written by: Kortney Kopchick
Edited by: Deb Christensen
Posted: Sep 17, 2010 by Deb Christensen

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