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Read Around the World!

Mrs. Zapka, P.E. teacher, dressed up ready for Australia as she taught Australian games to the third graders.

Read Around the World was very interesting.  You learned new things about different countries. 

For instance, the continent that 4th grade got was Europe.  And they were facinated about what they learned!  In some of the classes they got food, for instance, in France we got crapes and we got to pick out our own toppings.  Well I got butter and strawberry cream cheese.

It was just a good learning period for everybody.  All the kids just loved it!  The kids asked if we could do it again, but the teacher said no and they were like "awwww!"  Well they loved it and we hope we can do it again!

Written by: Caitlyn P., Fourth Grader
Posted: Sep 20, 2010 by Jodi McConkey

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