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Porter Ridge Middle's Globalization Team

Staff Members Debbie Connell, Rich Garland, Edna Castiblanco, and Pam Howe participate in a Globalization meeting.

The Union County Public School system recognizes schools that promote the appreciation of the diversity of persons and cultures, provide an optimal environment for learning and teaching, and offer a curriculum that inspires in its students the desire to share, cooperate, and contribute responsibly to a global society. The Globalization Committee of Porter Ridge Middle School collects information relevent to the evaluation process for the county recognition. The Committee also proposes new globalization ideas for students and teachers to utilize, sponsors book studies for teachers, and is the spokesperson for PRMS to the county as well as the spokesperson for the teachers from the county and other schools. Parents and community members who wish to share their cultural expertise with the school and its students may contact a PRMS administrator at (704) 225-7555.

Written by: Pam Howe
Posted: Sep 21, 2010 by Casey Rimmer

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