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HB Students Act Out History

HB students Armand, Cory and Stephen (left to right), assist in the production

On Friday September 24, third, fourth and fifth grade students were treated to a performance by "Bright Star Productions", a children's theater group from Raleigh, NC.

They performed Jack's American History Lesson, which presented many historical characters including Ben Franklin, The Wright Brothers, Betsy Ross, our nation’s Founding Fathers' George Washington, John Hancock and James Madison and Woman Suffrage Movement participants, Susan B. Anthony, Lucy Stone and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Many of these characters were played by several Hemby Bridge students as they learned about important events in American History. Audience participation was encouraged as student pretended to be the ocean during the Boston Tea Party while "tea bags" were thrown into the audience represent the tea that was dumped to protest against the British by American colonist.

The play centered around a boy named Jack who was about to take a test in his Social Studies class on American History. His teacher asked him many questions about history in preparation for the test. Jack turned to the Hemby Bridge students for answers and they certainly delivered. It was truly amazing to see how much American History Hemby Bridge students have remembered, and how much this production taught students as well. What a fun way to learn about history in just forty-five minutes!

Written by: Lynette McCoy, Assistant Principal
Posted: Sep 26, 2010 by April Phillips

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