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Learning about Johnny Appleseed

Jessica Cosgrove helps second graders make a Johnny Appleseed project.

Teaching comprehension strategies has been the focus of the lessons this week in Jessica Cosgrove’s second grade classroom. To teach comprehension strategies, Cosgrove has been teaching students about Johnny Appleseed since this week marks the anniversary of the famous American pioneer’s birthday. Using Appleseed as the subject provided students with many opportunities to learn about the difference when authors write with an informational purpose versus when authors write to entertain and exaggerate facts.

Henry Saunders, a second grader in Cosgrove’s class, said he learned that sometimes authors “exaggerate and tell too much like when the book said that Johnny Appleseed slept with animals, that really isn’t true.”

Sami Jones, another second grader in Cosgrove’s class, said she also “learned about exaggeration. I learned true things about Johnny Appleseed like how his real name was Johnny Chapman but his made-up name was Johnny Appleseed.”

On Friday to wrap up the lesson students made Johnny Appleseed faces using marshmallow cream, candy and apples.

Written by: Beth Medlin, Media Coordinator
Posted: Sep 26, 2010 by Beth Medlin

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