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Sixth Graders Enjoy Bi-lingual Musical Play

Charlotte Children's Theater Taradiddle Players in Thomas and the Library Lady

Sixth grade students were presented with the story of Thomas and the Library Lady on Friday, September 24th. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, all students attended a musical performed by Charlotte’s Children’s Theater, Tarradiddle Players. Students thoroughly enjoyed this activity, and two students have written a summary of what they saw.

Thomas and the Library Lady is a story about a boy who moves to Iowa, but can understand little English. He learns to love reading and he also made a new friend who taught him how to read; the Library Lady. He unfortunately, has creepy dreams that make him scream like a little girl about a teacher who always yells at him for speaking Spanish. Because of the dream, he does not want to go back to school in Texas. When his mom told him that they would be moving back, he wanted to stay there with the Library Lady. When he grows older, he becomes a successful author of children’s books, and dedicated a lot of his books to children who couldn’t get an education. Personally, I think it was hilarious when Papa Grande (his grandpa) sneezed because of his gigantic, fuzzy beard! -- Natalia Romero

In this modern take on a classic autobiography, the Terradiddle Players bring new light to the life story of a famous Chicano writer, Thomas Rivera. Our story starts with Thomas and his family on their way from their small Texas home to the farm in which our story takes place. The play does a marvelous job of placing a massive story into the eyes of a little boy. The story brings out the joys and troubles of living on a farm. Adding to the play is the comedic personalities of the secondary characters, and the curious, kind personality of the Library Lady, who shines a ray of hope in what would be a dull summer. Overall, astoundingly good in it’s depiction and clarity. Four out of five stars! -- Chandler Price

Written by: Natalia Romero and Chandler Price
Posted: Sep 29, 2010 by Casey Rimmer

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