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Local CEO visits WHS Marketing Classes

Dr. Ron Pedemonte, President/CEO of DyStar and Color Solutions International

Dr. Ron Pedemonte President/CEO of DyStar and Color Solutions International visited Mrs. Kowalo’s marketing classes (Marketing Management, Marketing and Fashion Merchandising). He talked to us about the two companies he runs, the global market and how he stays competitive. DyStar L.P. has locations in Germany, China, and the US. They provide the dyes, finishes and other services for fabric used in the global apparel and household markets. The apparel market ranges from everyday clothes like jeans to clothing for the military. CSI, incorporated into DyStar L.P., provides retailers and brands with a variety of flexible color options and services. They have expanded their product offerings to plastics and graphic design.
The most important point he stressed was that time management was the key to being a business leader. He also stressed the importance of global competitiveness. Dr. Pedemonte is using marketing strategies that involve ecommerce and social networking (facebook and twitter). He shared statistics on the success rates for using those types of media. It was interesting to hear from a local executive on how he used the information that we are learning in class.
On the fashion front, Dr. Pedemonte shared how a color palette is developed for different seasons and different stores. We learned in class about trends and forecasts and we were able to see firsthand how his industry used this information. He brought in sample boards and color palettes from different companies. He expressed the importance of reducing the lead-times and being able to communicate globally.
Dr. Pedemonte and his family spent 3 years at DyStar’s facility in Germany. While there he had to speak German exclusively. Although it would be great to visit their facility in Germany, we plan to visit one of their North Carolina facilities in the near future.

Written by: Michael Pedemonte, Senior
Posted: Oct 03, 2010 by Cheryl Edwards

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