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UCPS retires 89 educators

Eighty-nine educators retired from the Union County Public Schools this year, taking with them almost 2,000 years of experience.
The 89 retirees were honored at a luncheon held at Rolling Hills Country Club on June 11, 2008. Many of them had worked their entire careers in Union County. “We appreciate the job that you’ve done and we could never thank you enough,” said Superintendent Dr. Ed Davis.
Davis expressed his appreciation for the work the retiring teachers, administrators and staff had performed over their careers, and reminded teachers that under the North Carolina retirement system, they were eligible to return to work after six months and still draw their retirement.
He noted that with the growth of the school system and the need for experienced teachers, the door would be open for their re-employment. “Whether you chose to come back or not,” he said, “you’ll always be part of the Union County family and you will always be near and dear to our hearts.”


Students from Benton Heights Elementary School entertained the group with songs “Amani Utupe” and “Amazing Grace” under the leadership of the school’s arts coordinator Frank Casstevens.
Former principal and 2005 retiree Bea Colson entertained the crowd with anecdotes of her experiences since retirement. She encouraged the group to keep their minds and bodies exercised, citing many recent magazine and newspaper articles on this subject and to laugh as much as possible for good mental health.
“I know that each one of you has looked forward to this day and has it planned down to the second,” Colson said. “I just want to submit to you that we rethink how we want to retire. The word retirement was made for the male person in the home about 60 years ago, when a person was really ready for the grave when they were ready to retire.”
Colson explained that the life expectancy then was about 60 years old. “Things have changed now. Life expectancy is 70 plus and school teachers outlive most people. The average age for a school teacher is 84 and in North Carolina, it’s 87 to 93. So just think, if you have from now to 93, you have just begun your life.”
Colson said active retirement should include keeping up with technology in all phases of the retiree’s life. “It is your charge to relax the body, but put your brain to work, in which ever way, so you can build up and maintain those muscles for the next 40 years,” she said.
According to Colson, the five things necessary to enhance the quality of life and positively support longevity are; 1) have something to look forward to, something that makes you bounce up every day; 2) have something or someone that you love passionately; 3) have something to do, a plan that becomes second nature; 4) remain active and work at being both physically and mentally healthy; 5) laugh and place laughter as a priority in your life. 

Following is a list of the UCPS employees who retired between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008:

Charlotte Adkins, Weddington Middle, Teacher, 10 years
Martha Allen, Central Academy, Teacher, 12 years
Eileen Baucom, Wolfe School, Teacher, 14 years
Karen Baucom, Wingate Elem., Teacher, 32 years
Joanne Biggers, Wingate Elem., Teacher, 13 years
Charles Brace, Monroe Middle, Custodian, 22 years
Lucille Carelock, Wolfe School, Teacher Asst., 5 years
Cynthia Carey, Transportation Dept., Bus Monitor, 6 years
Cathy Clements, Porter Ridge Elem., Child Nutrition Asst., 5 years
Lila Clontz, Sardis Elem., Teacher Asst., 24 years
Kathy Daso, Union Elem., Teacher, 17 years
Helen Davis, Parkwood Middle, Child Nutrition Asst., 7 years
Kathy Davis, Weddington Middle, Teacher, 31 years
Linda Deese, Central Office, Nurse Supervisor, 5 years
Joseph Delaney, Weddington High, Principal, 8 years
Gail Eisenhauer, Sun Valley High, Child Nutrition Asst., 7 years
Debra Estep, South Providence, Teacher, 32 years
Vicki Fink, Benton Heights Elem., Teacher, 29 years
Archie Fritz, Sun Valley High, Teacher, 30 years
James Funderburk, Parkwood High, Custodian, 5 years
Rhonda Gaddy, Marshville Elem., Teacher Asst., 20 years
William Gainer, Career & Technical Education Curriculum Coordinator, 20 years
Arden Galarde, Jr., Parkwood Middle, Teacher, 29 years
Dr. Carrie Gibson, Asst. Superintendent of HR, 5 years
Doby Gordon III, Parkwood High, Teacher, 7 years
Ken Handy, Central Office, Courier, 25 years
Jeannie Hargette, Union Elem., Teacher, 29 years
Pamela Harrington, Weddington Middle, Teacher, 21 years
Cynthia Helms, Wingate Elem., Teacher Asst., 27 years
John Helms, Transportation Dept., Bus Driver, 6 years
Terry Helms, Shiloh Elem., Teacher Asst., 18 years
Janet Houser, Weddington Elem., Teacher, 30 years
Cheryl Hovis, Rea View Elem., Teacher, 14 years
Alice Huntley, Piedmont High, Teacher, 20 years
Margaret Huntley, Unionville Elem., Teacher Asst., 29 years
Cindy James, Wingate Elem., Teacher, 19 years
Evelyn Jeffries, Unionville Elem., Teacher, 29 years
Kathy Karp, Unionville Elem., Teacher, 23 years
Judy Keziah, Wesley Chapel Elem., Teacher Asst., 14 years
Karen Kiker, Marshville Elem., Teacher, 32 years
Edward Knight, Wolfe School, Bus Monitor, 11 years
Cheryl Kristufek, Monroe Middle, Teacher, 19 years
Brenda Leake, Central Office, Admin. Asst., 18 years
Mary Little, Marshville Elem., Teacher Asst., 30 years
Gay Loesch, Sun Valley Middle, Media Specialist, 16 years
Delores Lowry, Indian Trail Elem., Teacher, 31 years
Judith Martin, Benton Heights, Teacher Asst., 20 years
Alice Massey, Wolfe School, Teacher, 30 years
Bob Massey, Porter Ridge High, Custodian, 13 years
Herman Matthews, Jr., Sun Valley High, Teacher, 36 years
Janette McGriff, Marvin Elem., Custodian, 10 years
Kenneth McManus, Maintenance, Electrician, 20 years
Shelia Medlin, Parkwood Middle, Teacher, 30 years
Nicola Moran, Sun Valley High, Teacher, 15 years
Curtis Moree, Union Elem., Custodian, 5 years
Debbie Morton, Central Academy, Media Asst, 21 years
Yvonne Newell, Weddington Middle, Teacher, 23 years
Dana Packman, Wingate Elem., Teacher, 8 years
Kathryn Phifer, East Union Middle, Teacher Asst., 30 years
Dr. Linda Presley, Central Academy, Principal, 32 years
Judy Price, Porter Ridge Elem., Teacher Asst., 12 years
Patsy Price, Unionville Elem., Teacher Asst., 30 years
Ada Puckett, East Union Middle, Teacher Asst., 5 years
Betty Quinn, Transportation Dept, Bus Driver, 14 years
Deborah Redmond, Wesley Chapel Elem., Teacher, 29 years
Lue Ella Richardson, Walter Bickett Elem., Teacher, 32 years
Anitra Rorie, Sardis Elem., Asst. Principal, 21 years
Doris Russell, Transportation Dept., Bus Driver, 35 years
Paul Rybos, Hemby Bridge Elem., Teacher, 21 years
Elizabeth Sanderfer, Weddington Middle, Teacher, 14 years
Donna Sell, Piedmont High, Teacher, 32 years
Linda Sell, Waxhaw Elem., Teacher, 24 years
Thomas Simpson, Monroe High, Teacher, 31 years
Gloria Smith, East Union Middle, Teacher, 19 years
Hester Spencer, East Union Middle, Teacher, 30 years
Brenda Stone, Sun Valley Middle, Teacher, 21 years
William Sullivan, Central Academy, Guid. Counselor, 31 years
Anna Surface, Sun Valley High, Guid. Counselor, 30 years
Janet Swindler, Weddington Middle, Teacher, 17 years
James Taylor, Transportation Dept., Bus Driver, 7 years
Lynn Thompson, Transportation Dept., Bus Driver, 5 years
Paula Walters, Prospect Elem., Teacher Asst., 29 years
Mary Wasylak, Porter Ridge Middle, Teacher, 16 years
Alona Weddine, Benton Heights, Bookkeeper, 8 years
Linda Williams, East Elem., Teacher, 31 years
Rose Wood, Weddington High, Child Nutrition Asst., 6 years
Nancy Wren, Weddington Middle, Teacher, 37 years
Immie Ziemer, Weddington High, Teacher, 13 years

Written by: Luan Ingram, Chief Communications Officer
Posted: Jun 27, 2008 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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