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Distance Learning Is Growing

Our new Distance Learning Lab that is located inside the Media Center.

When Parkwood High School opened its doors in the early 1960’s, students would never have imagined being in a classroom here on campus while their teacher was teaching them from a building 30 minutes away. Starting in 2008-2009 school year, students became involved in distance learning, which Mrs. McGee, the Distance Learning Lab facilitator, describes in one word, “Exciting!”  The two main classes students are getting so excited about are Latin I, this semester, and Chinese I, next semester. The advantage to taking a class in the Distance Learning Lab is that it allows students to take courses that are not currently being taught at Parkwood and it encourages a global learning community. Student are also more independent and can take control of their own work.

Also taking place in the Distance Learning Lab are several virtual or online classes. Virtual/Online learning is a self paced program of classes that are offered through other schools like the North Carolina Virtual High School where students are expected to be independent. Matthew Alverez, a senior, who is taking World Religions 110 this semester, says his favorite part about the Distance Learning Lab experience is that, “I can start the work at anytime and I love learning from the computer.” Parkwood is excited about all the new technology advances which can be used to enhance and promote learning through the Distance Learning Lab.

Written by: Katie Coughtry, edited by Regina Snelson
Posted: Dec 22, 2009 by Mrs. Regina Snelson

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