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Who’s the Best? WHS!

Mr. Breedlove embodies the spirit of the Warrior

We all know Weddington is pretty awesome. As a school, we have the highest graduation rate of seniors in the state of North Carolina for the fifth year in a row. Last year it went up from 91.7% to 95.7%.
We have the privilege of being an Honors School of Excellence with high growth. To be an Honors School of Excellence, a school needs to have 90% or above of their composite EOC scores above grade level. Also, Weddington meet our Annual Yearly Progress report.
Our AP test scores are the highest in the county, which Mr. Breedlove attributes to good students and excellent AP teachers, who have been well prepared to teach the class.
One of the highest honors might making the Newsweek Magazine’s “America’s Best High Schools” list. Weddington ranked 1497th out of 1623 national schools. That might not seem like a high rank, but there are over 18,000 high schools in the US, placing us in the top eight percent.
Mr. Breedlove is obviously very proud of our school and is committed to its success. “Weddington High School is arguably the best high School in the state. As principal, I am so proud of our students and their accomplishments during the three years I have been here. In my speech during the class assemblies I mentioned that we must not become complacent. I believe our students will answer the call and work harder than ever. As a result of the hard work, our students and school will have continued success.”
When it comes to ‘other’ schools thinking they are better than us because they got redistricted, maybe we should let our accomplishments speak for themselves.

Written by: Isabella Bartolucci, Senior, Editor-In-Chief, The Warrior Witness
Posted: Oct 06, 2010 by Cheryl Edwards

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