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Mrs. Vanderlip is our Teacher of the Year!

We love Mrs. Vanderlip!

The new Teacher of the Year is here!  She's nice, she's kind, she helps everyone in the school, she's... MRS. VANDERLIP our guidance counselor and you know she deserves it because she helps everywhere in the school, like classes on bullying and being a good person.  She organizes the EOGs, she helps people with their problems, and she also helps in the front office.  That's why she's the Teacher of the Year!

This is also her seventh year at Sardis so she's been helping us a long time.  Now she gets repaid!  Thanks for all you do Mrs. Vanderlip and congratulations on your Teacher of the Year award.  You've earned it!

Written by: Payton F., Fifth Grader
Posted: Oct 06, 2010 by Jodi McConkey

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