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1st grade students participate in Math Workshop

Students work together during Math Workshop

The first grade students in Miss Andrea Wisniewski’s class have been Critically Thinking about Math during Math Workshop every day. The workshop model of teaching uses curriculum, individual learning styles, performance assessments, self-assessment, peer conferencing, sharing, and teacher conferences. The activities the students participate in during the math block are hands on and engaging for all learners. Each lesson is differentiated for each child to be successful. 

The Math Block begins with visual practice of Calendar and the Daily Routine. The students practice counting, reading numbers, embedded numbers and money representation. The “Math Talk” continues throughout the Math Block, modeled by Miss Wisniewski. During the Mini Lesson the students are introduced to a new concept and make connections to prior knowledge. During the work session the students are actively engaged and motivated to talk about math with each other. The “Math Talk” stimulates engagement and students explain their thinking out loud. In the pictures shown, you can see all the students are very engaged in the activity to break apart 7 and 8. The students learned to identify the switch partners using a variety of manipulatives. As Miss Wisniewski conferred with the students, she noticed several students participating in “Math Talk”. Aiden said “I have 6 and 1 to make 7”. His partner Hailey looked up and checked his work and replied “yes and the switch partner is 1 and 6 to make 7”. Miss Wisniewski observed several students engaged in counting and manipulating the numbers. As shown in the pictures the students used unfix cubes, dominoes, break apart mats, 2 colored counters, 2 colored linking chains and their math journals to show the combinations of numbers to make 7 and 8. The students participate with their partner to share their math thinking during the activities.

The Math Workshop Model enables Miss Wisniewski to further differentiate on the spot lessons and activities. She can provide additional support and/or review a lesson based on student observations. In educational research, it has been determined through the learning hierarchy, that children learn more from their peers. The students learn to become stronger problem solvers and are learning a variety of math strategies that they can chose from. The Math Workshop Model also provides the students the opportunity to build their self-confidence in learning.

During the I/E Block Miss Wisniewski utilizes her specialized Math Recovery Training for additional math support groups. This allows for further differentiation for Math Instruction based on all the student needs. The Math Recovery Program is designed to focus in the number operation and concept strand for math. The instructional strategies of Math Recovery support the First Grade Math Curriculum. Please click here to visit Miss Wisniewski’s website for further math games.

Math Workshop Pictures


IE Block 


Written by: Andrea Wisniewski, 1st Grade Teacher
Posted: Oct 07, 2010 by Jennifer Williams

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