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Globalization and technology focused Intersession

Fall Intersession at BHESA had a two-fold mission—remediation and enrichment with focused activities on globalization and technology. Students in grade five began and ended each day with computer-delivered reinforcement activities in Reading and Math. They also got to try their hand at computer programming using LogoPaths, a component of the math curriculum, Investigations.

Fifth graders focused on the Middle East during Intersession. Students used a variety of resources in order to complete a multimedia presentation on the Middle Eastern culture. Resources included Google Earth, Internet sites, books, newspapers, maps, a culture kit on loan from UNC in Chapel Hill, a guest speaker who worked as a nanny for the royal family in Saudi Arabia, and a live interview with a former BHESA teacher living in Dubai.

Mrs. Liz Benavides, a current resident of Union County, talked to our students about her experiences while living in Saudi Arabia. She had a unique perspective on the country since she worked as a nanny for the royal family. Ms. Benavides showed students several items from Saudi Arabia, including an abaya, a traditional dress that all women wear when they go out in public.

Students were able to Skype with Ms. Goodwin, our former guidance counselor, who is working in Dubai this year. Students generated questions they wanted to ask Ms. Goodwin prior to the Skype session & took turns asking them during the Skype session. Ms. Goodwin shared much about the Middle Eastern culture with the students.

On the final day of Intersession students had the opportunity to sample typical Middle Eastern foods and to present their multimedia project to the class. Each presentation included a video of the student introducing the project, a summary of what they learned about the Middle East, as well as an autobiographical slide.

Before leaving on the last day of Intersession, one student enthusiastically stated, “This was fun!”

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Written by: Syble Isbister
Posted: Oct 07, 2010 by Syble Isbister

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